Resource Library for Clients

Preparing For Your Build

Uploading documents to Google Drive

Tutorial on how to upload documents and images to Google Drive, as well as how to edit Google docs and spreadsheets.   

How to Find the Embed Code for Calendly

For a free automated scheduling tool, I recommend Calendly. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to grab the embed code from Calendly for your website build. 

Updating Your Site

How to Upload Photos To the WordPress Dashboard

This video shows you two different ways to upload photos and other media fails to your WordPress dashboard.

How to Edit Content Using Elementor

This tutorial shows you how to edit your page and post content, including copy, links and photos. 

How to Edit An Existing Menu or Create a New One

This video shows you how to update an existing menu in WordPress, as well as how to create a new one. 

How To Update the Header or Footer in Elementor Theme Builder

This tutorial shows you have to navigate to a header or footer that has been build with the Elementor theme builder, and also how to toggle between the two. 

How to Update Your Theme Settings in Elementor

This tutorial shows you how to update theme wide default settings across your site, like colors, fonts and button styles. 

How to Revert Back to Older Versions Of A Page

Whether you made a mistake, or just prefer an older version of a page, this tutorial will show you how to revert back to a past version of a page. 

Maintaining Your Site