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Are you a beginner in the world of web design, using Elementor to build your WordPress website? If so, you are in the right place. 

Elementor is a powerful page builder that offers you a plethora of customization options. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of updating your Elementor site settings, focusing on essential aspects like global fonts, global colors, typography, and button styles. This will help improve your site design and improve user experience when someone visits your site. 

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Updating Your Elementor Site Settings on WordPress

Updating Global Fonts

Fonts play a vital role in web design. They not only affect the readability of your content but also contribute to the overall aesthetics of your site. Elementor makes it easy to update global fonts for your website.

Access Elementor Global Fonts:

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Elementor > Site Settings.

Under the ‘Site Settings’ tab, you’ll find the ‘Global Fonts’ option. Click on it.

Select Font Family:

You can choose a default font family for various text elements, like headings and paragraphs. Experiment with different fonts to find the one that best suits your website’s style and purpose.

Adjust Font Size and Weight:

Customize font sizes and weights to ensure consistency and readability across your site. You can set different sizes for headings and body text.

Typography Customization:

Elementor also allows you to control letter spacing and line height, enabling you to fine-tune the typography to your liking.

Save Changes:

Don’t forget to save your changes after configuring your global fonts.

Enhancing Global Colors

Global colors are another crucial aspect of web design that can greatly impact your site’s visual appeal. With Elementor, you can easily manage your site’s color palette.

Access Elementor Global Colors:

In the ‘Site Settings’ section of Elementor, click on ‘Global Colors.’

Select Primary and Secondary Colors:

Choose primary and secondary colors that align with your brand identity. These colors should be consistent throughout your website.

Create Custom Color Schemes:

Elementor enables you to create custom color schemes. This is particularly useful if your site has specific color requirements.

Apply Colors to Elements:

After defining your global colors, use them consistently across your site’s various elements, such as text, backgrounds, buttons, and more.

Save Changes:

Always save your changes to ensure your global color settings take effect.

Typography Tweaks

Typography choices go beyond font selection. They encompass text spacing, line height, consistent colors and more. Fine-tuning typography settings can significantly impact your site’s design and readability.

Access Typography Settings:

Under ‘Site Settings,’ click on ‘Typography.’

Customize Typography:

Adjust text spacing, line height, and other typography settings to ensure that your text looks appealing and is easy to read.

Responsive Typography:

Elementor allows you to define different typography settings for various screen sizes.

Ensure your typography remains consistent across different devices.

Save Changes:

Remember to save your typography settings once you’re satisfied with the changes.

Styling Buttons

Buttons are essential for guiding users through your website, whether it’s for signing up, making a purchase, or navigating to another page. Elementor lets you style buttons to match your website’s design.

Access Button Styles:

In ‘Site Settings,’ click on ‘Button Styles.’

Customize Button Design:

Configure button size, typography, border radius, and hover effects. Make your buttons eye-catching and user-friendly.

Consistency Matters:

Maintain a consistent button style (or two) throughout your site. This ensures a uniform user experience.

Save Changes:

Save your button style settings to apply them to all buttons on your website.

Final Thoughts on Setting Up Your Elementor Site Settings

By following these steps, you can update your Elementor site settings to improve both the design and user experience on your website. 

In the world of web design, Elementor is a valuable tool, and understanding how to harness its capabilities can lead to a visually appealing, brand-aligned website. As you continue to learn and experiment, you’ll gain the skills needed to create the perfect website to represent your brand and/or product. 

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